where we can wallow in our trials – or turn toward significance.

CRUCIBLE LEADERSHIP is a life practice for living and leading with uncompromised authenticity and significance in all areas of life.

When we embrace our trials and challenges as refining moments, we are led down a path of living and leading on our own uniquely personal terms. My own crucible moment and long journey back serve as an illustration for an authentic self-examination of your life, overcoming setbacks, and moving forward toward a new and fulfilling future.

I had prepared my whole life for the time in which I would go into the family business and one day take a leading position. All this was now gone. It was seen as largely my fault. Even the company’s subsequent challenges after it left family control were seen as partly my fault. The road back has been long, but rewarding — I discovered who I was uniquely designed to be and how to live out a vision of significance that is in harmony with who I am.


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