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Warwick Fairfax, Crucible Leadership, Blog, Insights
Warwick Fairfax, Crucible Leadership, Blog, Insights

The Building Blocks of a Life of Significance

Warwick Fairfax

March 9, 2018

It Begins With a Crucible Moment

We have spoken about what a life of significance is.  It is about a calling, beyond success, fame or career.  It is about living in light of a higher purpose, something that is beyond your own interests.

But what are the building blocks of a life of significance?  How do you get there?  We will outline in more detail each of these components in future blogs.  The following is a summary.

It often starts with a crucible moment, typically a failure or a setback that can alter the course of your life.  This crucible moment can refine us.  We can wallow in our misfortune or let that crucible moment point us to a life of significance.  Do you have to have a searing painful experience to lead a life of significance? No. But honest vulnerable reflection rarely takes place without such an experience in our fast paced busy lives.

To live a life of significance, we have to understand how we were designed.  We need to have a clear picture of our gifts and our passions.

Once we understand how we are designed and what our passions are, we can set our vision.  This is a vision that is grounded in our unique design, refined by our crucible moments, and based on a calling that is in line with our deep seated beliefs and passions.

Once we know where we are headed, a vision based on a calling that we feel deeply passionate about, we are well on our way to make our vision a reality.  There will be challenges along the way, but the passion and the calling that fuels our vision, along with others we have invited to join us on the journey, will help us stay the course.

My Crucible Moment That Led Me to a Life of Significance

For me, my crucible culminated with the loss of family control of John Fairfax Ltd, the large Australian media business that had been in my family for 150 years. For more on this, see My Journey.

This was a searing moment in my life, a refining moment. I had thought my whole life that my calling was to one day take a leading position in the family media business.

What this crucible taught me was that the type of person needed to lead the family media company was more of a take charge leader. That was not me. That was not how I was designed. I am more of a reflective adviser.

I had tried to follow my father’s vision and my great great grandfather’s vision (the vision of John Fairfax who founded the family media company). That was a mistake. My vision now is based on who I am and what I am passionate about.

As a reflective adviser, I enjoy writing and executive coaching, as well as being on the boards of two faith based organizations whose missions I care about.

In short, my crucible has led me to lead a life of significance that is in line with who I am and what I feel called to.


What are the building blocks for your life of significance?

How have you been refined and designed to lead a life of significance that you feel called to?

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