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October 2019

The Refining Cycle: Steps to Life-Long Growth

By Crucibles, Life of Significance

You may have been through a crucible experience, a gut-wrenching, even humiliating experience.  It may be a business or professional failure, or it may be a health or family challenge.  Whatever it is, the course of your life has forever been changed.  You have faced the fork in the road: whether to wallow in the pain of your crucible experience or to try to move beyond it. You have chosen to move ahead.

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What is the ‘Beyond The Crucible’ Podcast?

By Podcast

‘Beyond the Crucible’ host Warwick Fairfax shares the lessons he learned from losing a $2.25 billion bid to take over the 150-year-old family media dynasty he had be groomed to run since birth. From that “crucible moment,” he discovered a new vision for his life, one rooted in helping others overcome painful setbacks in their lives. Sharing the stories of men and women who have bounced back from devastating hardship and failure to live a life of significance is a key focus of ‘Beyond the Crucible.” Other episodes will explore key facets of the Crucible  Leadership model, including understanding how you’re wired, crafting a vision out of your gifts and passions and how to bring that vision to reality.

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