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February 2020

Robert Krantz

Robert Krantz: Bringing Faith, Hope & Significance to the Big Screen #11

By Podcast

Robert Krantz appeared in some of the top films of the ’80s — Back to the Future, anyone? — but when he turned his attention and talents to writing, directing and starring in his own movies a decade later, his career and life began to unspool like a dropped film reel. His first production — which he and his wife put so much money into they had to live with his mother — had the makings of a hit but never took off because of a disastrous Hollywood screening.

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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Purposeful Legacy: How will you impact those that knew you?

By Legacy, Life of Significance

When we think of legacy and purpose, it can be intimidating.  When we are gone, how do we want our loved ones and friends to think of us?  What will be our legacy?  Do we want to be remembered as someone who worshipped the almighty dollar and would ruthlessly destroy anyone in our path?  As someone who was always out for ourselves?  Someone who did not really care about anyone other than our self, indifferent to the suffering and pain of those around us?

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