Glenn Williams: Leveraging a Crushing Career Setback for a Second Chance at Significance #10

Warwick Fairfax

February 11, 2020

Glenn Williams was living a life of success and significance in 2010 as a C-Suite executive with a global nonprofit doing life-changing work.  But it all ended after his integrity was questioned by the CEO, leading Williams to resign and move his family back to his native Australia to figure out what was next for him at the halftime of his life. In this interview with BEYOND THE CRUCIBLE host and Crucible Leadership founder Warwick Fairfax, Williams shares the lessons of his crucible experience and what he’s learned and leveraged from that experience.  These lessons inform the work he’s doing today to help leaders align their successes, influence, and opportunities to build a legacy of significance.

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  • The “unexpected conversation” with the CEO that led to Glenn’s crucible experience (6:25)
  • Why he didn’t dive right back into a new full-time job after he resigned (7:54)
  • The devastating impact of having your character questioned (8:47)
  • How being able to process a crucible experience honestly and openly helps prevent leadership challenges in the future (15:12)
  • Glenn’s process of discovering who he was without the “success” of his job (20:15)
  • What do you do when your crucible takes away the life of significance you were already leading? (23:49)
  • What is “halftime” — and the value of recognizing it and re-evaluating your life and career in light of it? (26:15)
  • The danger of tying our identity too tightly to our profession and job (29:32)
  • The importance of good advisers in moving beyond your crucible (32:20)
  • The value of hitting the “pause” button after a crucible experience (35:14)


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