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Warwick Fairfax

April 5, 2022

In the opening episode of our nine-apart series Second-Act Significance, Kari Schwear recounts how at age 7 she vividly remembers thinking, “Is this all there to life?” – before embarking on a journey of soul-crushing crucibles even as she found success in each of her multiple career stops.

But when she grew concerned enough about her “gray-area drinking,” her research into the subject and passion for helping others overcome it launched a second act she is pursuing with absolute gusto – as a life coach who helps her clients overcome the gray areas in all aspects of their lives, from relationships to careers to how they think and talk about themselves.

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  • Her 7-year-old crucible — and how it launched her gray-area living (4:00)
  • The trauma of her teenage years (5:01)
  • Finding her faith (10:21)
  • Her first act success that wasn’t enough (12:44)
  • Coming to understand alcohol had become a problem for her (13:49)
  • Why she launched her second act (24:47)
  • Creating Gray Tonic (26:57)
  • How her business expanded to address “gray-area living”  (31:40)
  • The significance of her second act (38:59)
  • Her “whole job” (43:52)
  • The importance of using our pain for a purpose (47:48)


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