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Warwick Fairfax

What is the ‘Beyond The Crucible’ Podcast?

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We all have tragedies/struggles/difficulties in our lives and no matter how big it was, we need to bounce back. Beyond The Crucible’s host, Warwick Fairfax calls those events “crucible moments” and sure it may take some time, but once we are out, there’s resilience built within us that could only be formed by that trial.

Warwick speaks from experience, he was the heir to a 150-year-old Australian media empire that was worth $2.25 billion in the late ’80s. and in a failed takeover, he lost it all. Warwick describes how that impacted him and how he now is going to use this show to help you move into a life of significance.

On Beyond The Crucible, we share stories of leaders who have moved beyond life’s most difficult moments to lead lives of significance, and insights on how you can do the same.

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Netflix took down blockbuster

Adapt or Die: How Netflix Took Down Blockbuster

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One of the most cautionary tales in recent corporate history is how Netflix embraced change and Blockbuster didn’t. As of 2018, Netflix, barely 20 years old, had a stock market value of nearly $165B, with 130 million subscribers in 200 countries. Blockbuster was out of business by then, having filed for bankruptcy in 2010 after incurring more than $1B in losses the previous year.

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Gain Lasting Impact from Your Vision: The Jesus Approach

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We have spoken of how inspiring a group of people with a shared vision is one of the hardest challenges in leadership. Growing your vision is not easy. Having your vision impact the world for generations is perhaps the ultimate goal for a visionary, but such a goal can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Impossible! However, Jesus did it. The key is to create a growing wave of ambassadors for your vision across continents and generations.

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