Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Reflect, Reframe, and Cast a Vision

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Typically, when we face an obstacle, especially a major obstacle, we tend to think, at least in the moment, this is the end.  Especially if it is a serious health diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, or losing your job or the company you started.  That is normal.  Our first reaction is almost never, “Oh joy!  An obstacle!  I am sure this will be a great learning experience.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds.”

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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Purposeful Legacy: How will you impact those that knew you?

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When we think of legacy and purpose, it can be intimidating.  When we are gone, how do we want our loved ones and friends to think of us?  What will be our legacy?  Do we want to be remembered as someone who worshipped the almighty dollar and would ruthlessly destroy anyone in our path?  As someone who was always out for ourselves?  Someone who did not really care about anyone other than our self, indifferent to the suffering and pain of those around us?

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