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Life of Significance

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Purposeful Legacy: How will you impact those that knew you?

By Legacy, Life of Significance

When we think of legacy and purpose, it can be intimidating.  When we are gone, how do we want our loved ones and friends to think of us?  What will be our legacy?  Do we want to be remembered as someone who worshipped the almighty dollar and would ruthlessly destroy anyone in our path?  As someone who was always out for ourselves?  Someone who did not really care about anyone other than our self, indifferent to the suffering and pain of those around us?

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Mission Drift

Avoid Mission Drift: Stay Focused On Your Purpose

By Life of Significance, Purpose, Vision

It is hard enough to find your mission, your purpose in life. But our mission, our purpose in life, can drift if left to its own devices. Years down the track, we might be a long way from where we started. But not by choice, by drift. Mission drift. For anyone passionate about devoting their life to a higher purpose, a cause that is focused on helping others — a life of significance — that is a sobering reminder. Mission drift can happen. To anyone. It’s a bit like an ocean liner: A slight shift in the rudder by a few degrees can lead to a significant change in course. You might have been heading to France, but you ended up in Iceland.

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It’s a Crucible Life: Lessons in Significance from a Christmas Movie Classic

By Life of Significance

The Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life ends on an upbeat, inspirational note fitting for the season it celebrates. George Bailey, the reluctant head of the small building and loan founded by his father and uncle, is saved from ruin by the generosity of the citizens of Bedford Falls. They show up at his house on Christmas Eve to give generously from their modest means to help George make right an accidental and potentially catastrophic $8,000 shortfall.

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passion and purpose

Passion: The Key to Unlocking Your Purpose

By Life of Significance, Vision

A key to living a life of significance is having a compelling vision you can devote your life to.  And one of the most critical factors in seeing that vision come to reality is the level of passion you have for it.  A vision without passion is like a car without an engine.  It may look like a sleek Ferrari, but without an engine, it is going nowhere.  An abiding passion for your vision is critical for its success.

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The Refining Cycle: Steps to Life-Long Growth

By Crucibles, Life of Significance

You may have been through a crucible experience, a gut-wrenching, even humiliating experience.  It may be a business or professional failure, or it may be a health or family challenge.  Whatever it is, the course of your life has forever been changed.  You have faced the fork in the road: whether to wallow in the pain of your crucible experience or to try to move beyond it. You have chosen to move ahead.

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