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Gaining From Loss: 5 Ways to Grow Through Grief

By Crucibles, Life of Significance, Reality

We are in the middle of a special summer podcast series at BEYOND THE CRUCIBLE we’re calling Lights, Cameras, Crucibles: What Our Favorite Movie Heroes Can Teach Us About Overcoming Setbacks and Failure. But as an article a few years ago in Psychology Today pointed out, there are surprising ways fictional heroes improve our lives. And in addition to unpacking the lessons these characters can teach us about moving beyond setbacks and failures, we also wanted to offer the truths discussed in that article.

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The Key To a Better World? Start Encouraging Others

By Crucibles, Reality, Vision

It is easy to feel discouraged these days. War has broken out in Ukraine and threatens to destabilize relationships among nations globally. The COVID pandemic, while it has lessened in severity of late, has brought much stress and even tragedy to our day-to-day lives the last two years. The economy continues to struggle, leading to uncertainty about the future for many people.

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Netflix took down blockbuster

Adapt or Die: How Netflix Took Down Blockbuster

By Reality

One of the most cautionary tales in recent corporate history is how Netflix embraced change and Blockbuster didn’t. As of 2018, Netflix, barely 20 years old, had a stock market value of nearly $165B, with 130 million subscribers in 200 countries. Blockbuster was out of business by then, having filed for bankruptcy in 2010 after incurring more than $1B in losses the previous year.

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Embrace Change or Be Left Behind

By Reality

Change is not easy, which is a major challenge for us because we live in a world that is forever changing.  Technology is changing. The market is changing. The culture is changing.  Not only is everything around us changing, but it seems that change is happening at an ever-increasing rate.

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