by Warwick Fairfax


Making your Vision a Reality - Part I

Vision is Good, Reality is Better.  

There are few things sadder than a vision unfulfilled, a vision lost, especially a vision that you believe in, that you are passionate about.  

Making your vision become reality is how you can lead a life of significance; a life that fulfills a higher purpose, a life that is beyond your own interests.  This is a life that you are passionate about and are excited to make happen.  You truly believe it was your calling.  You were made to do this.

So how do you make this compelling vision you have become reality?  It often starts with taking stock of your crucible experience.  This may be the loss of a business, being fired, a health challenge or some other crisis that has a searing effect on you.  

This crucible experience forces you to examine yourself.  Who am I?  What is my purpose?  What was I designed to do?

You reflect on how you were designed, how you were wired, your passions and beliefs. 

A Vision Emerges

Out of a clearer idea of how you were designed, and what your passions and beliefs are, as well as reflecting on your crucible experience, a vision emerges.  This is a vision that you are white hot passionate about, that often comes out of the pain you endured in your crucible experience.  Because you know how you are wired, you know what role you will play in making that vision happen.

In short, making your vision become reality is following the steps above; reflecting on the refining from your crucible experience, understanding how you were designed, pursuing a vision that is often borne out of that crucible experience and is based on who you are.  

If you have a vision that you are passionate about, often springing from the pain of your crucible experience, and it is something that you were designed to do, that vision will have a far greater chance of becoming reality.  

Can it really be that simple?  Yes, in the sense that following these steps will significantly increase the chances of your vision becoming reality.  No in the sense that making a vision become reality is not easy.  There will be obstacles, some may seem insurmountable.  There may be people who feel you are crazy, who don’t believe in your vision.

How do you keep going on this often difficult journey to seeing your vision become reality?  It starts from within.  Remember this is a vision that is often borne out of the pain of your crucible experience, that you feel white hot passionate about.  This is a vision that you feel you were designed for, that you feel is your calling in life.

A Shared Vision

But there is another crucial factor.  You have to have a core support team surrounding you that believes in you and your vision.  In times of challenge, despondency or even despair, these are the people who will encourage you.  

But you often need a team that will encourage you in practical ways; a team that will give advice specific to your vision.  They may be knowledgable experts in relevant fields related to your vision.  They may indeed be co-laborers with you in making the vision become reality.  

One key point to remember.  No man or woman is an island.  We need people who will support us and encourage us.  We need people to come beside us to help us make the vision come to life.



What is a vision that you are white hot passionate about, that you feel truly called to?

Who is your support team that will encourage you and believe in you when times get tough?

Who is co-laboring with you to help you bring your vision to life?


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