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Some people are afraid to go beyond their comfort zone, but that isn’t you. You see life as filled with purpose, and that purpose will often demand courage and sacrifice. You’ve accepted that sometimes a life of purpose means doing things that are hard, draining, or downright boring. You insist on making forward progress.

You’re great at catching a vision — and because you are motivated and action-oriented, others often leave the doing to you. That can be frustrating, especially when you don’t feel fulfilled by what you’re doing, even if it’s a success.

Perhaps it’s time to look inward and discover where your many abilities and abundant energy are best directed. What can you do better than anyone else? Even more importantly: What should you stop doing so you can put more energy into leading the life of significance you want?


• Vision for the future
• Living with a sense of purpose
• Taking thoughtful action
• Knowing where to start
• Overcoming obstacles
• Willing to make sacrifices


While you are already working towards worthy goals that carry significance and purpose, it can still sometimes feel like a drag. While many of your current responsibilities may line up neatly with your strengths and interests, there are also a fair number of tasks that leave you feeling depleted — or even more painful — unfulfilled. Just because certain things need to happen to bring your vision to reality doesn’t mean YOU have to do it all. Before automatically taking on the next item on your To-Do list, take time to consider which responsibilities bring you energy and joy, and which ones steal energy you might be better off spending elsewhere. You may also want to consider who in your circle might enjoy the responsibilities you don’t. You can’t change how you’re wired, but you can find ways to make the most of your wiring.


• What do I do better than anyone else?
• When do I feel most energized and fulfilled?
• What do I truly dislike doing?
• What leaves me feeling drained and unsatisfied?
• How might I create more space for my true strengths to shine?


The key to finding deep purpose and joy is discovering your unique strengths and calling. There are clues to achieving your life of significance hardwired into your very nature and personality.

Think about when you’ve felt most satisfied, when your most intense effort has felt natural and rewarding. Or it may be easier to put your finger on the times when even your most strenuous effort has led to exhaustion, emptiness, and unfulfillment, even when you’re at your most productive or successful. These moments will give you clues to how you are uniquely wired and what your true calling is — and what distracts you from realizing your own life of significance.

In the meantime, check out this podcast as you take your next step in toward life of significance. Over the coming weeks and months, Crucible Leadership will continue to share relevant content to support you in your journey.

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