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A lot of other people seem to spend all of their time dreaming, reflecting, and planning. But you prefer taking decisive action today, even if all the parts and pieces aren’t 100% clear. Your bias for action makes you extremely attractive to all of those dreamers. You know what it really takes to get things done, and you know how to translate vague dreams and complicated plans into concrete action steps.

Because your get-it-done orientation is so attractive, you sometimes find yourself being recruited to help other people turn their vision into reality. Only at the end of a hard push might you ask yourself: Is their vision the best fit for your own talents and passions?


• Knowing where to start
• Getting things done
• Making timely decisions
• Courage for worthwhile risks
• Overcoming obstacles
• Willing to make sacrifices


While you are energized by making things happen, it can sometimes feel like you’re the person doing the work and making sacrifices to help other people realize their goals. It may be that their vision lines up well with your own, but you aren’t sure. Before throwing yourself into the next hard push, take time to understand whether your hard work and investment is making progress toward the life of significance that you want to lead. You may also want to explore whether the work you are doing is leveraging your unique strengths and wiring.


• What am I best at?
• What do I really care about most?
• Am I working toward my vision or someone else’s?
• How can my actions today help me lead the life I want to live?


The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to change course or make any drastic decisions. Maybe you’re already doing the very thing that you were born to do. But you also shouldn’t neglect the possibility that what you’re doing now is distracting you from your true purpose.

Think about times when you’ve felt most satisfied and fulfilled, when your hardest work has felt both natural and rewarding. Or the times when you’ve given your all and still felt unfulfilled. Thinking about these moments will give you clues about whether the goals you’re pursuing today are part of your vision and your path to a life of significance, or if it’s time to adjust course. You might even discover that someone else is better suited to tackle some jobs than you are — freeing you up to focus on what you’re best at.

In the meantime, check out this podcast as you take your next step in building a life of significance. Over the coming weeks and months, Crucible Leadership will continue to share relevant content to support you in your journey.

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