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Your Personalized Results

Some people are so focused on doing that they can barely imagine a reality different than the current one — but that isn’t you. You are drawn to a life with lasting purpose. You long to leave the world better than you found it.

Just because you see the way things could be, or even should be, doesn’t mean you have a roadmap for making it happen. You sometimes get frustrated with not knowing exactly where to start or where to invest your limited time, energy, and resources.

To achieve a grand vision, you might first have to start with a few simple questions: Who am I, really? What was I truly born to do?


• Unlimited imagination; seeing opportunities that others don’t
• Natural optimism and the ability to see a better future
• Living with a sense of purpose
• Staying grounded in your values
• Keeping your long-term legacy in mind


While you can imagine the impact you can have in making the world a better place, it can sometimes feel like there is no clear place to start. You might invest more or take a bigger risk if only you knew it would really make a difference, but a few previous missteps may have made you gun shy.

Before hopscotching on to the next version of your dream, take time to explore your unique talents and passions. Do some work to discover what your true calling really is. It may be that the secret to achieving your life of significance is as simple as understanding of how you’re wired — and how you’re not.


• What am I best at?
• When do I feel most energized and fulfilled?
• What leaves me feeling drained and unsatisfied?
• Where have my previous visions fizzled out?


Not everyone has vision or a sense of purpose like you do. But to make that vision a reality, you’ll need to first embrace how you’re naturally wired. This self-knowledge will give you more confidence to make informed choices, take on risks you can manage, avoid blind spots, and begin reshaping the world around you to align with your vision for it.

Start by thinking about the times when you’ve felt most satisfied, when your most intense effort has felt natural and rewarding. Or it may be easier to put your finger on the times when even your most strenuous effort has led to exhaustion, disappointment, or doubt. These memories will provide clues to the strengths and weaknesses embedded in your DNA. As your self-insight grows, you’ll identify more easily when a sacrifice or risk is likely to pay off. You’ll find a new boldness for action. And you’ll gain a clearer picture of the talents of others you must surround yourself with in order to achieve success.

In the meantime, check out this podcast as you take your next step toward a life of significance. Over the coming weeks and months, Crucible Leadership will continue to share relevant content to support you in your journey.

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