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Your Personalized Results

You are well aware of your abilities (and your limitations), and you’re not afraid to take risks. When others call on you to make things happen, you come through. The problem is, you have a sneaking suspicion that you’re doing things that may not be aligned with your life’s true purpose.

Because of your skills and courage, a life of significance is closer than you might think. It’s time to unlock what you were born to do and start dreaming meaningful dreams. As you get closer to understanding your true purpose in life, you won’t hesitate to leverage your strengths and take concrete action that puts you on the right track to realizing your goals.


• Self-reflection
• Awareness of your personal abilities and your limitations
• Courage to take action, make sacrifices and get things done
• Reliable


While you understand how you are wired and are confident in taking courageous action, you wish your actions felt more connected to a sense of purpose and significance. No matter how much you accomplish, you carry a nagging question: What it’s all really for?

While you hold certain values very dearly, you haven’t yet discovered how your values can inform your sense of purpose and help you cast a crystal-clear vision for your life. While you are willing to take risks to accomplish worthy goals, you have yet to identify goals worthy of defining your legacy.


• Am I building the legacy I want for my life?
• What are the values that I would most like to see come to life in the world around me?
• When do I feel the greatest sense of purpose or motivation?
• What am I doing today that de-motivates me?


Clues for shaping your own vision for your life are embedded in the way you are wired. What do you do that you care about most? What really lights you up? What leaves you feeling like you’re just wasting your time? While this information won’t automatically reveal your life’s true purpose, it will help you activate your purpose-driven imagination.

You’ll also want to reflect on the things you’ve done that have felt most meaningful and most resonant with your personal values. This is important information to ponder as you work to cast your personal vision for your life. The first legacy-shaping vision you have may not be final, but it will give you something to evaluate based on your self-knowledge and prior experience. And that will bring you one step closer to a vision you can pursue with all your heart.

In the meantime, check out this podcast as you take your next step toward a life of significance. Over the coming weeks and months, Crucible Leadership will continue to share relevant content to support you in your journey.

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