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Your Personalized Results

A lot of people get stressed out if they don’t have a plan for everything; that’s not you. You figure life happens, and it’s complicated enough without getting worked up over things you can’t control. You may not feel a strong sense of purpose or connection with your work, but you don’t wallow in frustration about it. Life is what it is, and you have pretty much learned to accept it.

Still, there are moments when you wish you could use your gifts and passions more intentionally — but you don’t quite know where to start.


• Being in the moment.
• Accepting reality as it is.
• Doing what needs to be done.
• Avoiding unnecessary risks.


When you take time to reflect, you have a sense that life feels a bit random. Sometimes you wonder whether there’s a larger meaning to showing up and working hard day in and day out that you may be missing. You don’t have a clear picture of your unique strengths or what it is you really enjoy doing most. Before tackling the daunting questions of meaning and purpose that we all feel, you should start with pursuing a better understanding of how you are wired as an individual.


• What am I best at?
• What am I not very good at doing?
• What do I really love to do?
• What do I not enjoy doing?


These questions may not have automatic or obvious answers. You will likely need to take some time to reflect on past experiences and talk to others as you start to explore your individual interests and talents.

It may be that your experiences to date have not yet surfaced enough information to answer all of these questions. If there is something that you are curious about, consider small ways you could try it out firsthand. Nothing beats real-life experience for understanding your own interests and talents. That might mean asking for a special assignment at work, spending weekends trying your hand at something new, or possibly volunteering your time with a local organization.

In the meantime, check out this podcast as you take your next step toward a life of significance. Over the coming weeks and months, Crucible Leadership will continue to share relevant content to support you in your journey.

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Use the Crucible Leadership Workbook as a guided, reflective journey to
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