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Your Personalized Results

Congratulations! You have the self-knowledge and drive to get where many people cannot. You intentionally pursue goals that line up with who you are and how you’re wired. You take time to understand what you’re good at (and what you’re not), what pursuits bring you a sense of purpose, and what you have to do to make things happen.

The challenge in front of you is one of refinement and focus. You may feel like there’s time to pursue every area of passion — but as every world changer eventually discovers, you have to choose. As you reflect on what brings you the most fulfillment, you will find clues about which pursuits truly deserve your passion. And, as your vision is further refined, you’ll discover where you’ve been spending time and energy that could be redirected toward your true purpose in life.


• Self-examination
• Awareness of your personal gifts and talents, as well as your limitations
• A great capacity to achieve and a continued desire to grow
• Ability to chart a course for bringing a vision to reality


With your skills, passion, and determination, nothing is going to hold you back. The real risk is that you dilute your efforts by pursuing too many goals, which could spread your efforts too thin and make it harder to achieve the ones that matter most to you. In the end, good is the enemy of great. If you felt free to say no to a few of the “good” pursuits in front of you, you would have eyes for the one or two truly remarkable things that could define your legacy.

You’re already on the path to a life of significance. Now, take the time to reflect more deeply on how you’re wired, what you are most passionate about, and on what you couldn’t bear to leave undone if your time were short. Because there’s never enough time to do it all.


• What good goals may be distracting me from my greatest purpose?
• If I could do only one thing in life, what would it be?
• How do I long for the world to be different as a result of my efforts?
• What pursuit has my life experience prepared me for that no one else could do as well as I can?


Your assessment results indicate you are farther down the road to discovering a life of significance than most. You are already comfortable reflecting on your abilities and limitations, and you’ve already invested serious energy in understanding your purpose and guiding values.

As you begin the process of looking inward more deeply and refining your focus, you will encounter waves of energy and enthusiasm you didn’t know you had. As you trim out potential distractions and narrow ever closer toward your life’s true purpose, you will become more confident in which risks are truly worth taking, and which are just a distraction to your most deeply held dream.

In the meantime, check out this podcast as you take your next step toward a life of significance. Over the coming weeks and months, Crucible Leadership will continue to share relevant content to support you in your journey.

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